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Welcome to Church Creek Farm

Where the wellbeing and care of your horses are our top priority

We provide a haven for horse owners seeking a warm and welcoming environment. 

Our friendly and dedicated staff ensures a clean, organized and pressure-free atmosphere, creating the perfect home for your equine companions.


We offer high quality feed, daily turnout and a live-in staff member on site.


Nestled on 33 acres, our facility boasts 19 spacious stalls, providing ample room for your horses to thrive. 


It's not just about boarding – at our farm, lessons from experienced instructors Courtney and Lauren are available, adding an educational dimension to the equine experience.


Our spacious, well maintained arena offers the optimal space for training and exercise. 


Choose us for a harmonious blend of expert care, a serene environment, and all the amenities necessary for your horse to thrive. 



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